Philos (2018)

Release Date: November 27, 2018
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Park Jiha’s second album, [Philos], is a record of love for time, space and sound.

Two year after the release of her first album, [Communion, 2016], Park Jiha is back with a new album
titled [Philos, 2018].

The 8 tracks in this album convey sounds created by such various musical instruments Park Jiha plays as the piri, saenghwang and yanggeum, as well as layers of sounds derived from time and space. [Philos] is a culmination of Park Jiha’s continuous endeavor through different times without collaborating with other musicians.

The tracks include ‘Arrival’ that marks the arrival and beginning of every sound featured in the album; the gift of unexpected rain in the heat of midsummer in ‘Thunder Shower’; ‘Easy’ a poem written and recited by the Lebanese artist Dima El Sayed who visited Korea in 2015 to participate in the HwaEom Spiritual Music Ritual and was inspired by Park Jiha’s work; the title track ‘Philos’ created by overlapping sounds over a long period of time; ‘Walker: In Seoul’ that delivers vivid sounds of Seoul; and such pure and beautiful melodies of yanggeum and saenghwang in ‘When I Think Of Her’.


시간, 공간 그리고 소리에 대한 사랑의 기록. 박지하 두 번째 음반 [Philos]

1집 음반 [Communion, 2016] 이후 2년 만에 발표하는 박지하의 신보 [Philos, 2018].

[Philos]는 피리, 생황, 양금 등 박지하가 연주하는 여러 악기로 만든 소리와, 시간과 공간 안에서 발현되는 소리를 쌓아 만든 총 8트랙의 기록이다. 다른 연주자들과의 협업 없이 여러 시간 안의 박지하가 지속적인 작업을 통해 얻은 결과물이다.

음반에 등장하는 모든 소리의 도착과 시작을 이야기하는 첫 곡 ‘Arrival’, 한여름 무더위 속 예고 없이 찾아온 빗소리가 내려준 선물 같은 곡 ‘Thunder Shower’, 2015년 화엄음악제 무대로 한국을 찾았던 레바논의 예술가 디마 엘사예드 (Dima El Sayed)가 박지하의 소리에서 모티브를 얻어 직접 쓰고 낭독한 시를 담은 트랙 ‘Easy’, 오랜 시간과 소리의 중첩으로 만들어진 타이틀곡 ‘Philos’, 서울의 소리를 실시간으로 함께 담은 ‘Walker: In Seoul’, 양금과 생황의 담백하고도 아름다운 선율이 돋보이는 ‘When I Think Of Her’ 등 총 8트랙으로 이루어져 있다.


Produced by 박지하 Park Jiha
All Composed by 박지하 Park Jiha
Piri, Saenghwang, Yanggeum, Voice, Glockenspiel: 박지하 Park Jiha

Poem & Read: Dima El Sayed (track 3)

Recording: 백종성 Baek Jongsung, 유기은 Yoo Kieun, 혜진 Hyejin, 이수형 Lee Suhyoung at The Veax’s Studio
Mixing & Mastering: 백종성 Baek Jongsung at The Veax’s Studio

Design: 이재민 Lee Jaemin
Photography: 김재우 Kim Jaewoo



Track 3


EASY (Poem & Read by Dima El Sayed)


Take it easy…meditate

Sip your coffee lick the cream

Live the dream

And write a verse,

Be one with the universe…

Just wait and please take it easy


Take it easy?

How can I?

Children so close are left to die

And tyrants are holding the cup

Our eyes cry while the hands clap


Take it easy?

I just can’t

Stomach your new age empty rant.

There is a wrong and there is Right

You’re telling me to stop the fight…

Take it easy?


I see whole countries are destroyed

By greedy hands lusting for oil

Women under the mighty sun

Carry infants nowhere to run

A young Iraqi ten years old

Selling water on a dusty road

Where waves of heat are sent from Hell

Militias buy militias sell

No one is bidding on his dreams

My lullabies all sound like screams

I try to tell him but you see

No way in hell he’ll ever be

Able to just take it easy


You see you hear

The hurt the fear

The bombs that rain

The poor in pain

All mass movements now seem in vain

And you’re saying take it easy?


Take it from me, White is in peace

For colored dreams are sold by piece.

That diamond ring that sealed your love

Has child labor written above,

You see the teardrops of the weak

And think it’s glitter so you squeak: Take it easy!


I’ll take it the way I give it

Right in the heart like a bullet

For all is fair in Love and war

A virgin eyeing that wallet

Is cheaper than a loving whore

They occupied the land the sea

And raped the folds of every sky

And now you’re daring to ask me

To take it easy and what… die ???


I’ll take it as hard as I can

I’ll take it like a Superman

Or the widow of a freeman

paying the price

I won’t play nice


I’ll take it up with everyone

Let those who can, see that I’m right

Let those with ears hear it again

I wish for Peace but I will fight


Not all silence is deep prayer

You kneel but lack in modesty

Your God looks like a Tax payer

You call “childish” my honesty…


I’ll take it up with the people

I’ll take it up with the law

I’ll take it up, up to the sky

And every creature here below

But I will look them in the eye

Call them “sleazy”

No matter if they sit that high

I will never take it easy

I will never take it easy

I will never take it easy.


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