To Call Out Into The Night (2022)

Release Date: May 20, 2022
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To Call Out Into The Night

Full recording of one of the most engaging and beguiling Late Junction live sessions we’ve ever heard – the one off first meeting between Korean multi-instrumentalist Park Jiha and writer and performer Roy Claire Potter. 

It’s an unlikely pairing which works from the first breath. Park Jiha plays the saenghwang, a Korean mouth organ which she blows in long multiphonics to set pace for Potter’s words. They unfurl a scene slowly in front of you, rich and focused, shifting your field of vision and drawing you in, elsewhere. It’s impossible not to follow, not to look for where they point. When the piri sounds for a flooded town on the B side, the water flows between your own feet; Potter’s words a sometimes frightening hörspiel in scouse.

Though the details are fine, the space each artist gives one another and their instruments, their language, is given to the listener in turn. A careful melody picks out a route for words with no fixed meaning, a body with no fixed direction, and we are invited to listen and see a kind of music made visible in its inference. A truly very special record we are very proud to share.


[To Call Out Into The Night] 영국의 퍼포머인 로이 클레어 포터 Roy Claire Potter 텍스트를 바탕으로 목소리와 한국의 음악가 박지하의 연주로 이루어진 음반이다. 영국 BBC Radio 3 ‘Late Junction’ 라이브 세션 프로그램을 위해 2020 1 30 런던의 마이다 베일 스튜디오에서 당일 즉흥연주로 녹음되었으며, 2 28 BBC 라디오를 통해 방송되었다.

이후 런던의 실험음악 공간인 CafeOTO 레이블 OTOROKU 제안으로 음반으로 제작되어 2022 500 한정반으로 발매되었다.

Park Jiha / yanggeum, saenghwang, piri

Roy Claire Potter / voice

Influenced by linguistics and performance theory, Roy Claire Potter makes performance, text, drawing, installation and film, and often collaborates with musicians and sound artists to make audio for music festivals and radio. Across the wide range of their practice, Roy tells stories built from fragmented, intense images that depict moving bodies or domestic scenes and architectural settings. Roy’s interest in subtext and narrative sequencing is felt in the way they use fast-paced talking or reading speeds, and restricted or partial views of space. Complicated social or group dynamics, and the aftermath of violent events are common themes in Roy’s work and are usually treated with a dark, sometimes wilful humour.

Park Jiha creates exploratory music rooted in traditional Korean instrumental performance. To this session she brings three instruments: a Korean hammered dulcimer called a yanggeum, a saenghwang which is an instrument made of 24 slender bamboo pipes attached to a bowl and played like a harmonica and a double-reed bamboo flute called a piri, which sounds similar to an oboe.

Park Jiha and Roy Claire Potter will perform at Cafe OTO on the 29th March and at Counterflows festival on the 31st March, 2022. Recorded and mixed on: 30 January 2020 by Rob Winter, Pete Smith and Andy Rushton at Maida Vale Studios, London for “Late Junction – Roy Claire Potter and Park Jiha in session”. Produced by Rebecca Gaskell, Katie Callin and Alannah Chance at Reduced Listening for BBC Radio 3. Originally broadcast on Friday 28th February 2020, apart from Track 4 which aired on Late Junction the 21st February 2020. 

Mastered by Katie Tavini.

Original artwork: “Three Boys” by Claire Cansick.


Thanks to: 

Roy: Donna Lynas and John Bloomfield at the Wysing Arts Centre, and artists Mark Leckey, Sarah Pierce, Victoria Gray for opportunities to develop much of the original writing I extract from and piece together here; to Karen Kramer and James Gormley for their support, and to Lisa and Dale who are the best, ever. And to Jiha for her exquisite music and trust. 

Jiha: Ilka and all the Glitterbeat Family for getting me the opportunity to participate in the recording and constantly supporting my music. All the people that were involved with Late Junction for inviting me and bringing up such a brilliant artist to collaborate with as Roy. Also a huge thanks to Cafe OTO for allowing us to present this album. Lastly, Curtis for assisting me all along.